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My collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum

“When I was studying at the Royal College of Art in London, I would often visit the Victoria & Albert Museum just down the road in South Kensington.

I used to walk the magnificent halls and take in all the fabulous design, craft and artworks that they hold – I was just like a sponge, soaking up all of the intelligence and inspiration that was in front of me and somehow storing up my own bank of ideas and creative energy. So it was a huge thrill to be asked by the V&A team some years later to come and work with them on their blockbuster Art Deco exhibition – one of my favourite periods – and I spent many hours behind the scenes being shown the vast archive of treasures from that time.

The result launched in 2003 was a collection in metal, glass and ceramics and referenced some of the key themes from the era and brought them up to date for a contemporary audience. The exhibition was a big success and went all over the world with my collection in tow..a really exciting collaboration which opened many doors for me.” – Nick